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First-ever Commercialized Thermal Runaway Suppression System was Announced
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The historic challenge for lithium batteries has always been that they can catch fire. Nowadays, the world's first ever commercialized thermal runaway suppression system is announced. The system, managing safety at the cell level, is capable of suppressing and preventing the effect of cascading thermal runaway even in systems that have sustained significant physical damage. An industry first in terms of fire-safe lithium battery system, solves the universal problem of safety, effectively removing a significant barrier in the marketplace.

The system contains Thermal-Stop, Cell Cool and E-Vent systems, combined with industry leading advanced energy management system, which provides safety and protection from the cell level up to the system level. It is ideally suited for: renewable energy to grid, grid based systems, industrial marine, port machinery, commercial transportation, data center UPS, defense and homeland security, island and other off-grid or remote community applications. The harder a system works, the better energy storage can support it, and the faster the customer's return on investment

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