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EEMB provides power outage solutions for emergency
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On Nov 7th, 2013, super typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines with winds of 195mph, with experts saying “catastrophic damage”. The typhoon caused considerable casualties and damage to the highway network, airport, railroad, harbor and supply station.

According to latest report, Power outage was also being experienced in certain provinces in seven regions struck by the typhoon, which badly hampered rescue efforts. Besides, many shelters were still in shortage of power, resulting in a series of living problem. Therefore, it’s essential to solve the problem about emergency power after disasters striking.

EEMB’s portable power station will solve the trouble. It consists of a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack that stores electricity, which also can be connected with solar panel as a solar power system. This power station can be charged by AC power or solar power. Moreover,the power station is light and easy to go, making it highly portable. Therefore, the high capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate battery would be a great solution for emergency planning and crisis survival to help solve the trouble of power outage.

If you are looking for emergency power supply or other solar power system, EEMB will give you the best choice.

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