Li-SO2 Battery:

Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (Li-SO2) Battery delivered a voltage of 2.9V. The batteries havea high energy density and a good capability for delivering repeated bursts of high power.This kind of cell is mainly used in defense applications, utility metering and etc.

Principle and Reactions:

The positive active material of Li-MnO2 batteries is Manganese Dioxide (MnO2) while negative active material is Lithium (Li).

Positive reaction   MnO2 + Li+ + e- → MnO2Li

Negative reaction   Li → Li+ + e-

Total reaction   MnO2 + Li → MnO2Li

Total reaction   2SOCl2+4Li → 4LiCl+ S + SO2

  • Type
  • Appearance
  • Model
  • Application
  • Li-SO2 Battery
    • LSS18505
    • LSS26500
    • LSS34615
    • Alarms and security wireless devices
    • Mobile asset tracking
    • Electronic Meters (Water, Gas, Electricity)
    • Professional electronics

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