Li-Polymer Battery,Low Temperature Version

Li-Polymer Battery

Low Temperature Version

Key Features:
  • ENI-100001
  • New Technology in Low temperature Operation of Li-Polymer batteries
  • ENI-100001 new low-temperature Li-polymer batteries extend the low temperature discharge to -40°C and showing the excellent performance at -40°C.
  • Comparing with normal Li-Polymer batteries, new low-temperature Li-polymer batteries break through the discharge temperature limits of -20°C to 60°C, and it can generate high current and high capacity at -40°C. Its rate capacity at -40°C is about 80% of the nominal capacity with 0.2C discharge to cut-off 2.75V at +23°C, which is much higher than that of Military Standard requirement of 40%. Above that, EEMB gained one invention patent and two utility model patents.New low-temperature Li-polymer battery will be widely used in cold climates and military products.
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Patent Name Patent No. Patent Type Date
Low temperature Li-ion Polymer battery 200910063261.7 Invention Patent 2009.7.21
Single Li-ion Polymer battery structure 200920087314.4 utility model patent 2009.7.14
Many Pieces of Li-ion Polymer battery in series structure 200920087313.X utility model patent 2009.7.14

Model Nominal Voltage(V) Capacity (mAh) Dimension(mm) Approx. Weight(g)
Typical Minimum Thickness Width Height
LP383454LC 3.7 720 670 3.8 34 54 14.4
LP603048LC 3.7 900 850 6.0 30 48 18.0
LP963450LC 3.7 1800 1700 9.6 34 50 36.0
LP103450LC 3.7 1850 1800 10 34 50 37.0
LP505597LC 3.7 3100 2900 5.0 55 97 62.0
LP103454LC 3.7 2000 1950 10.0 34 54 40.0

* LC : low temperature type, standard working temperature range is  -40℃~45℃. but also can work at 60℃ with low efficiency.
*The thickness can be adjusted while the length and width of the battery remain the same.

The parameters above are only for reference. For more information, please consult EEMB.

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