LiFePO4 Battery,Network Power

LiFePO4 Battery

Network Power

Key Features:
  • Compared with traditional VRLA battery, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery has the following advantages:
  • • High energy density: the nominal voltage of 3.2V, the energy density is about 4 times of lead-acid battery, small size, light weight;
  • • High safety: charge and discharge platform is very stable,no fire and explosion under overcharge test at the voltage up to 30V, short-circuit test, nail test, and heat shock test when the temperature up to 130℃.
  • • Performance at high temperature: can work at the temperature of 60℃
  • • Long cycle life: about 2000 cycles
  • • Environmental protection: non-toxic cleaning the entire production process, all raw materials are non-polluting


In recent years, with the global concerns on energy conservation, lithium-ion batteries have gradually been used in telecommunications, national grid and electric cars and other industries. Especially for energy saving power in the communications industry, the requirements of the battery are smaller, lighter, longer cycle life, more heat-resistance, and maintenance is easier, more stable, more environmental protection, so in order to comply with these requirements, lithium-ion batteries is gradually changing the direction of the high-capacity battery, as a result lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery used in communication industry came into being.

Main application of LiFePO4 battery in communication area:
(1) DC switching power supply system
(2) UPS AC power supply system
(3) 240V/336V high-voltage DC power supply system

Main products:

Model Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) Weight(Kg)
LP8867220F-4S5P 12 50 6
LP8867220F-4S10P 12 100 22
LP8867220F-16S10P 48 100 40
LP8867220F-16S20P 48 200 78

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