Smart Hybrid UPS

Smart helps you to save power from using solar system, or directly from the grid when the utility rates are low. It can also be used during power outage or emergency situations. Smart helps you to maximize self-consumption, and powers your home or business. The machine is easy to assemble. 


  • Intelligent Centralized Hybrid Power Management
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface, optional manual setting operation mode and time
  • Battery Management System for modular battery monitoring and protection
  • Adopt the latest Li-ion technology (Li-FePO4) for a better safety features and super cycle life, expecting a working life up to 10 years


Residential and commercial backup power,  Energy storage,  Intelligent switch power,  Remote control operation.


  • 128wh Solar Generators
    Typical Hybrid UPS System - Scheme PLAN 3
    Chemistry Li-ion (Fe) EEMB Battery Li-ion (Fe) EEMB Battery
    Rated Battery Energy at C / 5 at 25℃ 10 KWH (2P SMART 7ULF) 20 KWH (4P SMART 7ULF)
    Nominal Voltage 51.2 V 51.2 V
    BMS (Battery Management) Included Included
    BMS Communication CAN CAN
    Service Lifetime @80% DOD, +25℃ 1000 cycles 1000 cycles
    Capacity Scalability Yes Yes
    Input (Optional)
    AC Input 100VAC-240VAC±10% 50-60Hz
    Charge Current 30 A 60 A
    Solar Input min. 50V / max. 100V, 1500 W min. 50V / max. 100V, 3000 W
    Solar PWN Yes Yes
    Output (Optional)
    AC Output 100VAC-240VAC±10%, 50Hz / 60Hz
    Max. continuous Output power @ 50% SOC 5 KW 5 KW
    Max. Peak power 3S @ 50% SOC 6 KW 6 KW
    UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Included, 88% Efficiency, ≤10ms
    System Management
    SMART Manager Included Included
    System Communication RS 232 RS 232
    Dimension ( L / W / H ) 59.7/ 80.0 / 149.8 CM cabinet ---
    Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ +45℃ 0℃ ~ +45℃
    Storage Temperature 0℃ ~ +30℃ 0℃ ~ +30℃
    Net Weight 555 lbs ---
    IP Level IP20 IP20

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    TO Operate Smart Hybrid UPS


    Monerator SMART Hybrid Power Storage (ESS) / UPS system is a Battery system (SMART) saving power from Solar,or directly from the grid when utility rates are low. SMART maximizes self consumption, and powers your home or business whenever you need. SMART can also be used during power outage or emergency circumstances.

    Modular, compact, and automated - SMART battery system is easy to DIY, optimizing solar system of grid-tie, off-grid, or hybrid, or even just grid ONLY. If security and independent power is your concern, SMART can ease your mind and maximize your self-consumption.

    • Diy The System
    • Modular design, functional modules ready to choose. Easy installation and maintenance.

    • Professional Battery Management
    • For a better safety, electric car industry proven Li-ion Battery management system is adopted.

    • Surviving from Peak Rates
    • SMART can power your home or business when utility company charges for peak rates.

    • Emergency preparedness
    • In case of power outage, SMART automatically switches to battery power and powers your home and business.

    • Excellent Battery
    • Latest Li-ion battery technology are adopted for better safety and excellent cycle life.

    • SMART Power Management
    • Patented SMART Power Manager manages multi-power easily and automatically.

    • SMART Saves Surplus Solar Power for Later use

    To Charge Smart Hybrid UPS




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