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  • • EEMB 768Wh/1280Wh portable power station (Monerator) is a great alternative energy solution for providing electrical power in areas where there is either an unreliable or a non-existent grid network. Mobile power station are also becoming an increasingly familiar sight in and around campsites and caravan parks, they are ideal for providing power during holiday breaks.
  • • The portable power station need very little maintenance, meaning you don’t have to be a whizz with a screwdriver to keep a portable generator ticking over. The portable generator also does exactly what it states – It becomes portable, you can take it with you to cater for your power needs wherever you may be.


 Basic Specification of Goodfellas portable power station

Product name Monerator
Model# Goodfellas
Max.Total output of power station 1000W
Peak power 2000W
Charge current ≤20A
Charge voltage 16~25Vdc
AC Output Voltage/Connector Qty 110-220V/60Hz/2pcs
DC Output Voltage/Connector Qty 12V 1A/2pcs
USB Voltage/Connector Qty 5V 2A/4pcs
Weight(Approx.) Goodfellas 60 Goodfellas 100
768Wh 1280Wh
25KG(55lbs) 35KG (77lbs)
Size (Length * Width * Thickness) 480*280*520mm
Working Temperature Charge 0~45℃
Discharge -10~60℃


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