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Power Bank
  • • Brio series adopt advanced Lithium Polymer batteries, which are of excellent performance and high safety. Brio series can fit for most mobile phones and digital devices. Due to their fashion design, supreme compatibility and high safety, Brio series are critically acclaimed by our customers.


Model: Power Bank -Brio8000 Power Bank -PBrio5000 Power Bank -Brio3500
Input:  DC5V,1A max
Output:  DC 5V,1A/2A max(2 way)  DC 5V,1A/2A max(2 way)   DC 5V,1A max
Dimension:  6"*2.8"*0.5"(153×8×14mm)  4.6"*2.6"*0.3"(153×75×10mm)  4.6"*2.6"*0.3"(116×65×8mm)
Weight:  280g  270g  170g
LED indicator(●on ○off)  Capacity
●●●●  75%~100%
●●●○  50%~75%
●●○○  25%~50%
●○○○  0%~25%
○○○○  0%
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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