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Solar Controller

Solar Charge Controller (or Regulator) is a device which protects the batteries in a solar electric system from being overcharged or being over-discharged. It is needed in virtually all solar power systems that utilize batteries. With the development of technology, controller has more additional functions now, such as load control function, LCD display, hybrid system controllers, etc.Solar Controller
Electronic protection:
PV Array Short Circuit, PV Overvoltage , PV Overcurrent ,  Load Overload , Load short circuit, PV Reverse Polarity, Battery Reverse Polarity, High Voltage Transients.
*MPPT charger controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking) can make the solar module operate at ideal voltage which the solar modules can product the maximum available power, it will increase the solar charging efficiency by 10 to 30%

Solar controller
Model Rating voltage(VDC) Maximum power of PV cells (Wp) Maximum load current (A) Stand-by current (mA) Operating condition
Altitude (m)
ECQ1230 12 400 30 6 -15~+55 5000
ECQ1250 12 600 50 6
ECQ2430 24 800 30 6
ECQ2450 24 1200 50 6
ECQ24100 24 2500 100 50
ECQ4830 48 1500 30 8
ECQ4850 48 2500 50 8
ECQ48100 48 5000 100 50
ECQ48200 48 10000 200 50

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