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FREElighting Solar Landscape LED Lighting Power Station--
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FREElighting Solar Landscape LED lighting adopts latest LiFePO4 technology, save energy from solar and light up your yard during night for free up to 10 years. Its military level durable design, IP65 level helps to handle almost all outdoor application. This elegant solar lighting power station kit will help to give some style to your pathway or garden.


  • Charged by solar panel at 0 cost
  • Equipped with latest Li-ion battery technology offer long life cycle, high safey
  • High energy density result in small size and light weight
  • Good charging and discharging performances
  • Light or/and time control or manual mode available in one machine
  • Military level durabledesign, IP65 level for various outdoor applications
  • Cozy design, Easy installation



Main Specifications
Model SGL12M SGL24M
LED Lighting voltage 12V 24V
Battery capacity 720Wh 720Wh
Shell dimension 245*230*95mm 245*230*95mm
Weight About 9.8kg About 9.8kg
LiFePO4 technology Yes Yes
Solar control Yes Yes
Solar input PV Solar(Max 150W) PV Solar(Max 150W)
Charging time About 6hours About 6hours
Power output Max 120W Max 120W
Charging temperature 0 - 45℃ 0 - 45℃
Discharging temperature -10 - 60℃ -10 - 60℃
IP Level IP65 IP65
Note: 150W solar panel charging require about Max 6hours

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