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On&Off Grid Power System
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EEMB's SMART Hybrid Power storage (ESS) and UPS System (PATENTED), integrating with PV arrays, maximizes self consumption of solar energy, at the same time stores electricity during off-peak to cut electricity costs. Centralized hybrid power management can switch power from Grid, Solar or both intelligently. Offering a modular and flexible design, it can be easily installed and maintained. Latest Li-ion battery technologies are adopted for better safety, excellent cycle life, highest dynamic charge acceptance, promising a low total cost of ownership and better power reliability for household and business.

SMART is a most dynamic ESS & UPS system in the market. 

“One machine fits all” :

On-grid, Off-grid, Grid only, or all power combine (Hybrid)

Residential use
Commercial use

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Simple electrical schematic:

See the following in detail. Original ratio

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