• EEMB LiFePO4 battery pack is the perfect solution for an E-bike
  • 1. Improve safety with its safety protection function
  • It is very important to ensure the safety of an E-bike's battery pack, since the pack consists of about 8~36 battery cells. Safety protection function of EEMB LiFePO4 battery pack improves the safety of the E-bike by automatically disconnecting electric power when the battery is in danger.
  • 2. Extend service life with its long circle life
  • The EEMB LiFePO4 battery pack features thousands of circle life and may further extend the driving distance of the E-bike.
  • 3. Reduce recharging time
  • EEMB is developing a quick charging technology that could reduce the recharging time to fully recharge the battery, making the E-bike more convenient for users.


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