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Its important to have security cameras and wifi routers at our homes and at our workplaces. These devices will ensure our safety and keep us connected respectively. Security cameras and wifi routers can not operate in case of a power failure. Thus, it is essential for cameras and routers to be equipped with a back-up power source. Guard Series Mini UPS provided by EEMB is the best power solution to your surveillance cameras and wifi routers. When connected to the power source, Mini UPS will stabilize the input voltage before supplying to the devices and, at the same time, storing energy into the built-in battery pack. In case of a power cut-off or input failure, Mini UPS will convert the energy stored in built-in battery into electricity and switch to output state instantly, keeping the security cameras and wifi routers operating. EEMB a power solution provider has developed this back-up energy for security cameras and wifi routers. This back-up energy with lithium battery cell, small and portable design, and long cycle life is a stable and reliable option for security cameras and wifi routers.

Security Camera UPS Battery

Solution Features

Stable power output

Mini UPS provides a continuous power source that enables security cameras and wifi routers operate for more than 10 hours during power failure.

Long cycle life

Mini UPS has 800 life cycles of charge and discharge that will enable it function for a long period of time hence powering your security camera and wifi router.

Solution Specifications

Nominal Voltage:12V

Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate

Operating Temperature: -10~60

Nominal Capacity: 40Ah

Weight: Approx. 4.5 kg

Integrated Protection Circuit Module




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